Sitexco Label

Effective, safe, and fast cleaning. The Sitexco Label L20 machine incorporates same Sitexco Plus technology, which guarantees the best performance and the highest safety. It achieves optimum cleaning results to improve print quality regardless of the anilox line screen and geometry. All the benefits of laser cleaning, all the technology of Sitexco Plus.

Sitexco Label

Approximate cleaning time:
According to the roller size (between 5' and 15')


Extremely simple

Optional extras: None

Accessories: Supporting table


Length: 1.235mm / 48,62"

Height: 1.020mm / 40,16"

Width: 574mm / 12,60"

Weight: 160 Kg


Maximum cleaning length: 850mm / 33,46"

Maximum length of the roller: 1050mm / 41,34"

Minimum diameter of the roller: 35mm / 1,38"

Max. roller diameter: 140mmm / 5,52"

Maximum weight of the roller: 30kg